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Currently eBay and flea markets are awash in cheap Pakistani and Indian made locks that have been distressed to look old. One common bit of fakery is old style padlocks from India with plates brazed onto them that have the name of various famous prisons stamped on them. All these locks are the same style. . .

One giveaway is that all the locks are in working order and all have both keys. The vast majority of old locks and keys in collections are locks OR keys and VERY rarely is there a pair that go together. It's even more rare for the lock to actually work.

Many of these items list the provenance, "purchased in xstate near site of xprison". . . All this means is that it came from a local dealer that forged it. . .

Below are two sample pictures of the locks in question. The first one is what they look like before they're gussied up. The second is obviously one of the fakes.

You'll find these with tags from San Quentin (Death Row), Alcatraz, the Winchester Arms Co., Colt Firearms Factory, SouthWestern Stage Co., Property of Pony Express Station No. 7, Yuma Territorial Prison, and a host of other fake names.

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